Legal guardianship is ⁣not the same as being ‌a parent, although ⁣the ‌roles​ may⁤ overlap ⁤in⁤ some ⁣respects. As a legal guardian, you are⁣ granted certain rights ⁣and responsibilities by the⁢ court to ⁣make ⁣decisions​ on behalf of a minor or ⁤an incapacitated adult. These‌ decisions can range ​from financial matters to healthcare choices, depending ⁤on‍ the specific circumstances.

It ‌is⁢ important to understand that ‌while legal guardianship does grant you certain⁢ rights, it also comes with a set ‍of ⁢responsibilities that must ⁢be ​upheld. ⁤These responsibilities include acting in the ⁢best interest of ‍the‍ individual ⁤under ​your care, managing their assets prudently, and ensuring their overall well-being. As a​ legal‌ guardian, you⁤ are held to a ‍high standard⁤ of care and must always prioritize the welfare of the person you​ are representing.